Aircraft Dispatcher

The primary objective of the Aircraft Dispatcher Course is to fully prepare students to sit the F.A.A. Aircraft Flight Dispatch written and practical exams. Applicants for the Dispatcher Course must be at least 21 years old. The basic course entails six weeks of training followed by a week allotted for F.A.A. examinations. An optional Distance Learning phase is offered, and strongly recommended, for applicants lacking any previous aviation training. This phase is completed prior to the Dispatch Resident Course. In addition to airline theory and fundamentals extensive emphasis is placed on Aviation Weather, which is the primary focus of the resident course. This will help insure successful completion of the course and the F.A.A. practical test.

Congress has established policies and procedures that provide greater safety for the traveling public and regulate the airline industry. Part of the Civil Aeronautical Act requires that US airlines establish and maintain Dispatch Centers. These Dispatch Centers run the airlines day to day operation and are staffed with licensed Aircraft Dispatchers. The aircraft dispatcher shares joint authority with the captain of a specific flight for the safe on time operation of that flight (Making the Dispatcher certificate equivalent to the Airline Transport Rating). This joint authority and a superior training program are necessary if an airline is going to survive economically in today’s airline industry. The dispatcher is the captain on the ground, and in many circles, is called the best kept secret in the airline industry. In addition to all the airline benefits, the dispatcher has jump seat privileges and his income can grow to 6 figures. The aircraft dispatcher course provides the biggest bang for your educational dollar as successful graduates obtain a lifetime F.A.A. license in six weeks.

Tuition Six Weeks plus Testing $5,495 with Distance Learning $6,975