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We encourage you to visit The Airline Academy at the Daytona Beach International Airport. The Airline Academy exists to equip each of our graduates with the skill and versatility needed to succeed in a variety of airline positions The Airline Academy admits only those individuals with the qualifications and desire to succeed in the airline industry. We will not accept anyone whom we feel does not have an opportunity for employment. Consequently, prospective students must be interviewed and found to meet current industry standards and must be recommended for acceptance before entering the training program. It is our goal that everyone accepted into our Academy successfully complete their program, that every graduate find employment, and that the needs of each employer hiring a graduate from The Airline Academy be fully met.

The following airline positions are among those for which our graduates immediately qualify: Flight Attendant, Customer Service Agent, Reservations Agent, Ticket Agent, Gate Agent, Ramp Agent, F.A.A. Certified Dispatcher and Professional Pilot Preparation.

When we look for Flight Attendant candidates The Airline Academy is a great resource. The students we have interviewed and chosen to work for our company have done a great job in their new career. They are well trained and very professional. Thanks to the Academy, it has made our jobs easier.

Jennifer Ankrom, Debbie Dycus, Sid DavisPSA Airlines, Flight Attendant Recruiters

We always look forward to our trips to The Airline Academy because we know we’ll find professional, well trained applicants who are eager to begin a successful career with ASA!

Jennifer A. Lantz Atlantic Southeast Airlines, In-Flight Recruiting Coordinator

On behalf of Mesa Air Group, we would like to thank you for being a resource for providing a high level of professional and quality graduates. This allows us to place well trained candidates for the vital role of becoming a Flight Attendant in the airline industry, and we are proud to partner with The Airline Academy.

Pearl NortonMesa Air Group, Manager In-flight Recruiting

We always look to airline academies first in recruiting our future flight attendants, as they are the most educated, trained, and prepared to enter the work force. We put a high priority on hiring the most qualified and prepared candidates available, of which your students are included. We will be relying on your graduates to fill our ranks.

Bob TroutPiedmont Airlines/US Airways Express, Corporate Recruiter