Accelerated Flight Attendant Program


Accelerate Your Career With Our
Intensive Flight Attendant Training Program

The Accelerated Flight Attendant Training Program is an intensive course that is conducted in two phases. This training includes full placement services, interview skills, training, resume building and full complement of our career services website.



2024 Training Schedule

January 19th – January 24, 2024

March 22nd – March 27th, 2024

May 10th – May 15th, 2024

August 9th – August 14th

November 8th – November 13th, 2024

Phase I

Distance Learning
Online curriculum designed for students to learn the theory and fundamentals of becoming a flight attendant, while progressing at their own pace.


Introduction and Overview of the Industry
1. Get to know the Airline Industry
2. Airline Terminology
3. Your Role as a Flight Attendant
5. Required Airline Knowledge
6. Prepare for Flight Attendant Training

Phase II

Flight Attendant Indoctrination
1 Week of hands-on training held at JetBlue University. This phase covers the most challenging aspects of airline flight attendant training.


Aircraft and Systems Overview
(A/C) Overview
Flight Attendant Overview
Exit Components
Emergency, Non Emergency, Flight Attendant Duties (FD)
Operation Wing and Water Evacuations(OWWE)
A Day in the Life
Service Workshop
Equipment Overview
Emergency Evacuation Training (EET) Cabin Prep
Emergency Situation Training (EST)

Slide Jump
Ditching/Fire Fighting
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
People Skills
Class Room Instruction Multiple Subjects(CRM)
Airline Career Progress, Videos, etc.
Meal Service

Achieve Your New
Career In Flight

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Becoming a Flight Attendant with No Experience: What are the Requirements?

Becoming a flight attendant is a dream job for many people. It allows you to travel the world, meet new people, and experience different cultures. But what if you have yet to gain experience in the airline industry? Is it still possible to become a flight attendant? The answer is yes! With determination, preparation, and a positive attitude, you can make your dream of becoming a flight attendant a reality.

General Requirements for being a Flight Attendant

Each airline has its own set of qualifications, so it’s essential to research the specific requirements of the airline you are interested in. Generally, airlines look for candidates who are at least 18 or 21 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have legal authorization to work in the country where they will be based. Additionally, some airlines may require fluency in more than one language.

Physical Requirements

Being a flight attendant is physically demanding, so good physical shape is essential. Most airlines have certain height and weight requirements and specific vision and hearing standards. These requirements ensure that flight attendants can perform their duties effectively and safely.

Personal Qualities and Other Helpful Skills

Aside from meeting the above requirements, there are certain personal qualities that airlines look for in their flight attendants. These include excellent communication skills, a friendly and welcoming demeanor, the ability to remain calm under pressure, and a strong sense of teamwork.

Education and Training

The educational requirements for becoming a flight attendant may vary depending on the airline. Still, most airlines generally require a high school diploma or equivalent.

In addition to formal education, all aspiring flight attendants must undergo training through their respective airlines. This includes classroom and hands-on training, covering emergency procedures, passenger safety, and customer service.

Get the Training You Need to Become a Flight Attendant

Our professional training program will give you the skills and knowledge to become a successful flight attendant. Our experienced instructors will provide training necessary, even if you have not gained prior experience. With our comprehensive training program, you will be able to gain the skills and confidence you need to become a successful flight attendant.

Comprehensive Curriculum

From safety and security procedures to customer service and communication skills, our curriculum will provide the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful flight attendant. We also provide hands-on training to prepare you for any situation during your flight.

Access to Years of Experience and Expertise

Our experienced instructors have years of experience in the aviation industry. They are dedicated to helping you become a successful flight attendant. Our instructors will provide the guidance and support you need. With their expertise and knowledge, you can be sure that you will be well-prepared for your new career.