Kimberly Johnson

They give you hands on experience at Jet Blue university and all Airlines love experience. Its amazing, fun and hey you get a awesome career out of it, so easily!

Alexandrea Nammour

I can never thank them enough. Between the amazing instructors, the onsite training with JetBlue, and the continued connections I can confidently say I have an amazing introduction into the field of Aviation.

Becca Tynes

The Airline Acadmey was absolutely wonderful. I was fresh out of college with no work experience so this was definitely the right choice to get me the flight attendant job.

Juliana Arango

The Airline Academy really preps you with a lot of fun hands on training, along with other extensive material which will ultimately give you leverage for when you are hired with any airline and begin actual training.

Mckenzie Connor

Overall I had a great time I met a ton of cool people that I’m friends with still today. Training at the Jet Blue University was super unique and I learned a ton from all of the instructors there.

Dasia Charles

The airline academy was a great experience for me! I did the distance learning then a week of hands on. If you are serious about becoming a flight attendant make the investment!

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