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4 Important Concepts to Remember During Flight Attendant Training

By The Airline AcademyApril 1, 2019 No Comments

Training to be a flight attendant is hard work. There is a lot that goes into the job, and a lot that you need to remember. However, there are some fundamental concepts that you must always keep in mind. Here is a list of the most important.


Working and communicating with a team is a vital part of being a flight attendant. During your training, these will be key skills that you will need to develop. You will not get through the training if you are not able to properly communicate and work in a team to achieve goals.

Customer Service

There are a lot of important skills that are needed to be a flight attendant, but the fact is that it is also a customer service profession. You absolutely need to be able to act and present yourself professionally. This includes how you groom yourself, how you follow etiquette, and understand the differing needs of each customer.

Airline Industry

Since you will be potentially working in the airline industry, you should have a good knowledge of how it works. This includes safety standards and flight concepts. Take the time to read up on your own so that you have a solid base before starting your training.

Customs Rules and Regulations

Along with knowing the airline industry, you must also understand the regulations and procedures surrounding passports and customs. This means you should be able to help customers with applicable paperwork and how customs works in the countries you service. Airlines operate all around the globe, so you need to have the necessary knowledge.

There is a lot to learn and a lot to know at flight attendant training. Make sure that you have a strong focus on the above key concepts to be as successful as possible.