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What Are The Most Popular Travel Destinations This Summer?

By The Airline AcademyJuly 29, 2021 No Comments

Memorial Day marked the first official holiday post-vaccination. As predicted, air travel was at a record for the pandemic era. As summer progresses, more and more holidays and vacations occur. With a few weeks left of summer, there is much speculation on the most traveled locations in the United States this year. So what do the results look like?

Traveling has started appearing how it looked back in 2019. Car rentals are up dramatically compared to 2020 and are nearing the same levels as they were in 2019. In total, the most popular states for travel are California, Hawaii, and Florida. These destinations are just as popular in the warm months.

Fourth of July travel data also shows a significant increase in travel compared to last year. Most flights that are being taken appear to be domestic flights, whereas international flights are still at very low levels. This is due to the differences in Covid-19 cases among countries.

It will take some time for the airline industry to fully recover, however, there are still promising signs that people are eager to travel. Vacation times are also becoming longer, with families and individuals staying on vacation for over a week at a time.