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4 Things Flight Attendants Must Know

By The Airline AcademyMay 8, 2019 No Comments

Flight attendants have to be prepared for anything, and they also have to keep an encyclopedias worth of knowledge in their heads at all times. They not only save and protect lives, but they also can serve drinks and provide amazing customer service. Here are some things that you might be surprised that flight attendants have to know to do their jobs.

How To Detain People

Disobeying a member of a flight crew is actually illegal. If a passenger is endangering the safety of others and will not comply with instructions, then flight attendants are perfectly within their rights to detain them. They are trained to handcuff and separate unruly passengers from others, and will have full backing of the pilots.

How To Lift a Lot of Weight

You may not realize it, but flight attendants have to do a lot of lifting. There are always carry-ons that are too heavy for the passenger to lift over their head. Flight attendants must be able to lift these items to the overhead compartments safely. They also have to maneuver heavy drink carts down the aisle without disturbing passengers.

How to Stay Relaxed in Stressful Situations

Flight attendants can’t avoid problems up in the air. Abusing passengers and difficult flying conditions are all part of the job, and there’s nowhere to hide. Anything can happen, from being sworn at by a drunk passenger to a heart attack during the flight. A flight attendant must be calm and resourceful while always acting in the best interests of safety.

How To Spot Suspicious Behavior

There are many suspicious acts that flight attendants need to watch out for. These include when a minor seems scared of the adult they are travelling with, or someone who may be drinking too much. They are trained on handling these situations and notifying the proper authorities if need be.

These are just a few of the surprising things that flight attendants are required to know. There are many more since it is such a dynamic and exciting career.