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4 Things to Know If You Want to Become a Flight Attendant

By The Airline AcademyFebruary 7, 2019 No Comments

There’s no doubt that being a flight attendant is hard work. It’s long hours on your feet, dealing with the public, many of whom are not in the best mood, and even jet lag. It is still a great job to have, though, and many people are looking to get into the profession. Here are some things to know about being a flight attendant.

It Might Take a Few Tries

It’s a popular job, which means there is a lot of competition. For every 100 people who apply, one is hired. That means that you may have to take a couple of cracks at it before you are successful.

Pick up Another Language

It is always a good idea to brush up on other languages. Even if you end up on a domestic route, there will still be people from all over the world on the plane. That’s why having another language looks great on your resume. It will improve your chances.

Be Prepared for Scrutiny

If you are lucky enough to get an interview, you will be scrutinized from the moment you step into the office. You need to act professional at all times, even if the interviewers are acting casual. Everything you do, and your demeanor, will be examined closely.

Make Sure You Fully Understand the Realities of the Job

The job may seem like it’s glamorous and exciting, and it certainly can be, but it’s not all about travel and fun. It’s hard work, and long hours. Not to mention that the application process is extensive as well. Before dipping your foot in the pool, make sure you understand everything the job will entail, and that you are sure you can handle it.

Sure, it’s a tough job, but it does have benefits. You can earn good money, and even get free flights for yourself and your family. Just make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into beforehand.

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