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Airline Industry Slated For Massive Pilot Hiring Push

By The Airline AcademySeptember 29, 2021 No Comments

Due to retirements and pandemic buyouts, U.S. airlines are looking to hire nearly 7,000 pilots. The airline industry is slated for its largest hiring push in recent decades. This is not only for front-line employees such as ramp and gate agents, but also higher-skilled ones such as pilots.

This summer, airlines had been struggling with a lack of crew members and pilots, which resulted in numerous cancellations and delays. Airlines were still operating at only 80% of that in 2019. Because of the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, many students quit their flying programs then bounced right back in.

American Airlines is just one of my airlines looking to hire nearly 1,000 pilots this year. American Airlines expects nearly 580 positions to open up short due to many approaching retirement age. The number of retirements is expected to peak at 908 within the next few years.

The push for airline workers and pilots is expected to increase as we edge toward the holiday season. With many Covid-19 restrictions being lifted across the country, travel has surged dramatically. For pilots, the demand is even higher. Some airlines are pushing the cost of training for prospective pilots, which can cost upwards of $100,000 at private schools.

With all that being said, the outlook is looking great for airlines. This will result in a demand for crew and frontline workers at many different airlines.