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How COVID-19 highlights the role of a flight attendant

By The Airline AcademyAugust 31, 2020 No Comments

Many of us are wondering if it is safe to fly during these trying times. One would think that it is not smart to fly during a pandemic. However, it is safer than you may think. While airlines attract an array of strangers, most germs aren’t easily spread on planes. That is because the air volume is constantly refreshed every few minutes. Over 99% of virus-sized particles can be filtered out. The only real potential danger for the spread is if an infected person sat near someone healthy. But due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, airlines have taken serious measures to mitigate it. And that is due to the shift in responsibilities for flight attendants.

Safety is always a priority

Flight attendants have one primary role on the plane: to keep the passengers safe.
COVID-19 is everywhere and has impacted every industry. The aviation and flying industry has been particularly hit hard by COVID-19, as many states and countries enacted strict travel measures. But as things are slowly ramping up, airports are placing new safety guidelines to ensure all crew and passengers are mitigating the spread of the novel virus.

Flight attendants are now tasked with new responsibilities to ensure that all passengers are properly protected. Airplanes already have strict guidelines to maintain safety, but COVID has stretched those even further. And flight attendants are at the core of maintaining a safe and hygienic flight.

What are the precautions airlines are taking?

Flight attendants and other cabin crew are taking drastic measures to ensure that the planes are properly sanitized in between flights. Disinfectant sprays are constantly sprayed to make sure it is ready for the next batch of riders. Food and drink services have also been cut back to reduce contact. Jetblue was one of the first airlines to impose strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The airline industry has not seen disruption at this magnitude since 9/11. While many speculate it can take a few years to recover fully, we can never truly predict the outcome. Covid-19 has shown how truly important and necessary the flight crew is at keeping the plane operating and keeping the customers safe. They are some of the most essential workers out there.