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Is it Safe to Travel?

By The Airline AcademyMay 28, 2021 No Comments

As stay-at-home orders and border closes are lifting, many cities in the U.S. are anticipating an uptick in travel. Many airlines are anticipating a surge in summer travel this year, but many flyers and staff are questioning whether it is safe to fly right now.

With expert advice from aviation and medical professionals, it is generally much safer to fly this year compared to last year. However, there are a few caveats.

How Planes Stay Clean

Most major airlines carry out similar procedures when it comes to cleaning their planes in between flights. Some airlines implement electrostatic sprays that are antimicrobial. They disinfect the planes in between flights. Many planes also use HEPA filters, which filter out over 99% of airborne viruses and other contagions throughout the flight.

Domestic vs. International flight

While many would assume international flight is much more dangerous, the fact of the matter is, it depends entirely on the country’s infection rate. Many countries still have closed borders, and health professionals recommend keeping flying domestic. There are also many issues passengers may run into internationally, including quarantine rules and access to healthcare, if one does end up getting sick.

Follow Safety Protocols

All flight staff and passengers should be required to wear a mask and follow safety protocols and procedures on the plane. Most airlines have additional PPE, in the event someone needs one. Many consequences face customers who fail to abide by these rules, which could result in being added to no-fly lists.