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Why There Might Be a Surge in Summer Traveler in 2021

By The Airline AcademyMay 3, 2021 No Comments

Airlines are expecting a surge in travelers come summertime this year. This expectation comes after a stream of vaccinations improves, as well as looser traveling restrictions occurring across the country. To prepare for this surge, many airlines have added new flights across the country. While airlines anticipate a more busy summer, domestic capacity is expected to run well.

Increase in Domestic Flights

Many major airlines have announced a plan to increase their amount of domestic flights, in addition to adding new routes, this summer. Delta Airlines plans to expand to more than 20 destinations this summer. Southwest Airlines plans to introduce several services to 10 airports. Spirit Airlines has also been expanding services to a few other airports

Average Passenger Count is Rising

The average number of daily passengers at airports has risen to nearly 1 million a day, since this past March. Experts believe this number to jump upwards to 2 million come summertime. As more people become vaccinated, the safer they will feel to travel. Families and leisure travel are making up a significant portion of passengers, as many businesses are still conducting business virtually.

Many airlines are the overcapacity to be well-prepped for a summer surge. Many carriers are even planning on getting to capacity levels not seen since 2019.