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What Exactly is the Job Description of the Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant?

By The Airline AcademyFebruary 28, 2020 No Comments

Being a part of the cabin has many incredible benefits, but you might be wondering: what is the exact role of the cabin crew? Here we will explore this excellent career and help you better understand what working as a flight attendant is like.

Standard Duties and Practices

The essential duties of the cabin crew are to provide excellent service to the attendees. The standard responsibilities are as followed:

  • Greet and welcome passengers when they board and exit the plane
  • Guide the passengers to their seats
  • Provide refreshments and meals
  • Meeting sales goals for duty-free goods
  • Regularly check up on the emergency equipment, and disseminate safety information
  • Dealing with emergencies and administering first aid (if needed)
  • Create flight reports after the flight

While much of the job is service-oriented, there is a high level of responsibility involved. Being a flight attendant can be a fairly demanding job, both physically and emotionally. Each crew member should be able to maintain a level of diplomacy when dealing with passengers and must be comfortable being on their feet for prolonged periods.

Qualifications for the Job

While degrees are not typically required to work in a cabin crew, many airlines welcome and encourage degrees in hospitality management, tourism, travel, and even foreign languages. Airline flight attendant training programs are also highly beneficial to those wishing to pursue a career as a flight attendant. Personal skills are typically much more applicable than academic and technical skills, as much of the job is a people-oriented and customer service facing role.

Necessary Skills for the Air Cabin Crew

Since most of the job is centered around personal skills, communication skills are highly desirable. Here are the skills that are required for someone wishing to become a flight attendant:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to be calm during crisis and emergency
  • Leadership
  • In generally good health and shape
  • Energetic and social
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Career Path for Flight Attendants

While most titles within the cabin crew and airline sector will involve the words “flight attendant”, there are many promotions within the industry that lead to a very successful and satisfying career. The typical hierarchy is:

  • “Ready Reserve” Member
  • Flight Attendant
  • Senior Flight Attendant
  • Flight Supervisor
  • Base Manager
  • Inflight Manage

The cabin crew is one of the most critical roles in the airline industry. They play a significant role in providing service to the passengers, to ensure that everyone makes it to their destination safely and pleasantly. If you have a passion for flying and travel and want to make a difference to thousands of lives, then you should consider a career as a flight attendant. It is truly a fantastic job!