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The Job Outlook For The Aviation Industry Is Showing Promising Trends

By The Airline AcademyMarch 26, 2021 No Comments

In a recent article published by the AOPA Foundation, aviation specialists identified some promising trends that the airline industry is slowly recovering. Covid-19 affected many industries, but the airline industry took one of the biggest tolls.

Job Outlook

Experts have identified growing sectors within the aviation industry. A helicopter, flight training, cargo, and even regional airlines renewing job advertisements are all good signs that the industry is paving its way for recovery.

While hiring at major airlines has plummeted to its lowest levels since 2013, regional airlines and cargo carriers have seen an increase in demand. While there is a demand for pilots, flight attendants rely on the hiring of major airlines, rather than cargo carriers.

Will Passenger Airlines Recover Soon?

With the rise in vaccination rates, experts are optimistic that passengers will push the demand for traveling. In fact, in recent months, the demand has grown, with airlines such as JetBlue calling back some of its attendants they put on leave.

As demand for traveling surges, flight attendants will be needed more than ever. With Covid-19 restrictions fiercely enforced on airlines, the role of a flight attendant has shown that it is an essential job for the safety of passengers.

The collective effort to fight the spread of Covid-19 will ultimately help refuel the airline industry. As people begin to feel safer, they will be ready to travel.